The Final Meeting

15-16 June 2017

Riga, Latvia

The Final Meeting will sum up the results of activities carried out during Culturabilty BSR Phase 2. The Final meeting will conclude a series of events, including a larger Kick-off meeting in Rendsburg (Germany) co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture of Schleswig-Holstein and ARS Baltica, and the following 5 workshops across the Baltic Sea, co-hosted with local authorities and partners in respectively Jurmala (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Gdansk (Poland), Pori (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia). As such it enables to take stock of knowledge built, and cooperation established on prototypes, which can be scaled in the BSR.

Several new innovative projects developed during the Culturability BSR Phase 2 have already been evaluated as significant for the region and have received the grants from different fundings and combined with other concrete outputs of the project, we think we can already conclude that Culturability BSR is a succesful platform for exchange of views and developing of projects within Culture and Sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region.

During the Final meeting participants from Baltic sea region countries will discuss and explore a basis for follow up of initiated activities and for further cooperation.

The proposals for further cooperation is central to the objective of scaling protypes following phase II.


Goals of the Final meeting are:


  • Provide cross-sectorial BSR dialogue and knowledge building on culture and sustainable development, among other drawing on a draft final report and external observers/experts.
  • Share, comment and discuss the results of the workshops on joint BSR actions in the three focused areas.
  • Offer an open platform for networking, discussion, evaluation and development of scaling actions in BSR and on further, new project and cooperation ideas.
  • Strengthen and create discussion between stakeholders, authorities and other (future) key actors on how to foster new targeted practical cooperation and dialogue, and define a Phase III of Culturability.


The Final Meeting is supported by Ministry of Culture of Latvia and NDPC in Latvia.