Cultural Planning

Between the 22nd and 23rd of august a meeting on the future of cultural planning took place in Riga, Latvia. The main points of the meeting were for the Cultural planning team to present their findings, from their travel around the BSR region in the last couple of months, and to discuss funding and application possibilities for the project. A multitude of experts and partners from the BSR regions were present, and gave their input to the project. It was especially important for the cities to exchange experiences on problems and how to solve them with cultural planning. This ranged from an aging population to lack of educational institutions. To understand how cultural planning can help click here.

The future funding possibilities for the project where discussed, and a number of possible places were found. This is a very important part of the meetings as the funding secures the future of the project.

On the second day the participants divided themselves into work groups to discuss how people from different regions could benefit each other. This allowed the participants so to share their experiences with each other in a more intimate setting and at the end the conclusions were gathered to benefit all the cities.

Cultural Gaming

The Cultural planning meeting was immediately followed by a meeting on Cultural gaming and continued until the 24th. At this meeting the main points were to discuss the technical establishment of a community inside Minecraft. A representative from the Danish company Geoboxers, who create cities in Minecraft based on geographical material, presented the partners with their needs to make a world in Minecraft. The amount of detail that the company can create is based on the availability of Data, and she showed how the Bialowieza forest in Poland had been rendered in Minecraft as an example of how a large territory can be created with a high level of detail.

After this presentation a discussion was initiated between representatives from Cesis in Latvia and Karlskrona in Sweden, as these to cities are part of a pilot project, where they will be rendered in Minecraft. This will allow people to easily interact with the city, and for people to show their ideas on how their cities will look in the future.

Both meetings were supported by the EU BSR INTERREG.

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