1st Kick-off Meeting in Rendsburg
14-15 April, 2016

The Rendsburg Meeting was the kick-off meeting of Culturability BSR Phase 2.

Focus of the meeting was on knowledge about culture and sustainability and on the three sub-themes of Culturability BSR II, background on existing efforts for concrete focused BSR cooperation in the three sub-themes, as well as information on the approach to building joint synergies and seeking Interreg BSR funding.

Download full Meeting paper here: Draft Final Report Culturability BSR. 6.1.2015-2

1st Meeting has provided an entry point to the dialogue and knowledge building process. There were discussions on the three areas in focus for phase 2, and in these areas juxtapose cutting edge/world-class experiences and BSR realities at this point. The goal was to reach a sense of understanding of the cross-cutting inter-relations between the three areas across the BSR and the benefits and potentials by innovation. This will be taken further in the workshops, and in the project advisory group.

The Meeting was a great success, attracting 40 delegates, speakers and consultants from 10 countries and provided great intellectual and social interaction for the participants.

The goals of the Rendsburg meeting was:

  • build knowledge on the three sub-themes of urban social inclusion/cultural planning, sustainable cultural tourism/innovation and gaming/digital tools for sustainability and their interrelations
  • share knowledge of participant practices, experiences and ideas in relations to the three themes
  • build a platform for further cooperation on culture and sustainability to be unfolded during the rest of the project and vis a vis concrete Interreg BSR proposals, based on the presentation and discussion of the meeting paper.

Meeting took place in Nordkolleg (Rendsburg) and was supported by Ministry of Justice, Cultural and European Affairs of Schleswig – Holstein and hosted by ARS Baltica.