From 1-3 March 2017, a three-day seminar will be held on Cultural Planning as a method to build cooperation between cities ‘cultural’ and ‘urban development’ departments.

Cultural planning has in Europe and the Baltic Sea Region been developed over the last years as a method for creating socially inclusive collaboration involving all citizen groups on public space development. Cultural planning involves city authorities, key stakeholder institutions and citizens. Phases go from mapping, identification of challenges, a shared vision to a joint community project and a strategy forward.

The seminar gathers people from culture and creativity together to discuss cultural planning, social inclusion, and sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region.

The program mainly target students and experts who are interested in Cultural Planning and sustainability issues. The program will furthermore include a variety of workshops on Urban Social Inclusion/Cultural Planning, Panel talks, presentations of pilot projects and case-sharing. On Friday, the 3rd the goal is to write an EUSBSR Seed Funding Application for the next join project.

Read more about the detailed programme here:

The registration through this link:

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