Between the 22-24 of November 2017 a two-part meeting was conducted in Riga Latvia, concerning the future of Cultural Planning and Cultural Gaming. The project is now going into it next phase, as the main points of the meeting were related to further fundraising, and the cultural mapping of the BSR region. The meeting gathered people from the private sector, city officials,  NGO’s and independent experts, who all had a shared vision of how cultural planning can contribute to a better and more hospitable cityscape.

The main points of the meeting were

  • The discussion of where the project stands and what to do in the future. This was mainly linked to funding, especially the Seed Money Application that was submitted a few months earlier. Additionally further streams of funding were discussed most of them linked to the EU INTERREG.
  • The second part of the meeting concerned the Road Map Project that has been going on since August. Experts had been visiting participating cities around the BSR and gave a presentation of each city followed by a presentation from each of the cities.

The second part of the meeting was on the subject of cultural gaming, and the future of digitalizing cities around the BSR region in Minecraft. This part was concerned with the future of Cultural Gaming, specifically the game Minecraft and how it can be used in city planning processes. The participants were mainly from universities around the BSR, and a few from private companies.

The main points of this meeting were

  • A presentation of the technical needs for creating a cityscape in Minecraft. This clarified what kind of data is needed to create a realistic model.
  • The various pilot project around the BSR for creating cities in Minecraft exchanged experiences and ideas. The pilots are between Gdansk in Polan and Innland university in Norway, and between Karlskrona in Sweden and Cesis in Latvia.


Below you can see the powerpoints used at the Cultural Planning meeting. Both meetings where supported by the EU BSR INTERREG


Where are we in the whole process

riga 2 day presentationa

Financial Possiblities and Road Map – Report