The cultural mapping stage of the project will take place from March through to May 2017, with a final meeting in May, where findings of the mapping would be presented. The aim is, that the presentations from the local partners would be done in coherent way to allow participants to acknowledge more clearly the similarities and differences of the cities, therefore suggest easier cooperation.

The areas participating are Ķemeri (Latvia), Visaginas (Lithuania), Gdansk (Poland), Kiel (Germany), Nakskov(Denmark), Skane (Sweden). The first stage is taking place in the start of February, when the local partners of each areas are visited by the leaders of the cultural mapping phase – Trevor Davies and Liva Kreislere, to get acquainted with the areas and identify the different local activists. This will help to develop a targeted cultural mapping tool-box (SWOT), which would be easy to implement in the areas afterwards.

The workshop in Pori at the beginning of March will invite 1 representative from each area to learn about the SWOT tools and how to proceed with the cultural mapping. The program would then map and develop actions which are specific, taking into account local issues, local resources and local aims, but also take into account models and methodologies which have been tried and practiced elsewhere.



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