From 1-3 March 2017, a three-day seminar will be held on Cultural Planning as a method to build cooperation between cities ‘cultural’ and ‘urban development’ departments. Cultural planning has in Europe and the Baltic Sea Region been developed over the last years as a method for creating socially inclusive collaboration involving all citizen groups on … » read more »

We are happy to announce that the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Poland and the Ministry of Justice, Culture and European Affairs, Schleswig Holstein, as the coordinators of Policy Area Culture & Creative Sectors pre-selected the application “BSR Cultural Planning” for funding with Interreg. Baltic Sea Region Seed Money. The application has been found … » read more »

This video shows how Minecraft works as an innovative and interactive tool for modelling smart and sustainable regions around the Baltic Sea Region. This was presented at the EU Strategy Forum in Stockholm in November 2016. Cultural Gaming in the BSR from Danish Cultural Institute Latvia on Vimeo.

During this year’s Strategy Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) in Stockholm, the Culturability BSR workshop on “Cultural gaming as an innovative and interactive tool for modelling smart and sustainable regions” presented the future possibilities of gaming in the development of the Baltic Sea Region. The workshop on gaming as … » read more »

The workshop on Cultural Tourism was held in Vilnius from 28-29 October 2016. The participants gathered on a two-day workshop to share experiences and also to learn and get inspired from each other’s projects on cultural tourism in cooperation with Cultural & Creative Industries and the concept of digital reality. Concrete ideas were presented, which … » read more »

From September 29-30 2016 the second meeting of Culturability BSR II was successfully held in Jūrmala, Latvia. For two days the project groups worked intensely on developing a BSR action plan for a sustainable development in the region. In both groups participants were represented from different working fields, which provided good productive debates. The groups decided … » read more »

We are happy to announce that the registration for the EUSBSR strategy forum in Stockholm has been successfully completed. We will keep you updated on further news.

Dear All, We are happy to announce the first workshop of Culturability BSR II to be September 29-30, 2016 in Jurmala, Latvia. The workshop will address two themes: Social inclusion and urban development and Digital tools/gamification. The general goals of the workshop will be to clarify goals and work plans for developing a joint BSR action … » read more »

An application has been submitted to the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme by the 1st of June 2016. From the Culturability BSR II team we thank you everyone who participated in the process of developing the application with your valuable contributions. The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Monitoring Committee will select the concept notes that will … » read more »