27-28 October, 2016
Vilnius, Lithuania



The workshop addressed the following theme: Enhancing Sustainable Cultural Tourism through new cultural/creative entrepreneurship (CCI) .

The theme was dealt with in line with the objectives of Culturability BSR, which is to connect culture and sustainable development and to contribute to scale concrete and specific impact across the BSR region.

The general goal of the workshop was to clarify goals and work plans for developing a joint BSR action.

The specific goal was: To plan targeted actions for scaling of CCI eco-social practices/entrepreneurship, which may re-inforce sustainable cultural tourism in the BSR. The focus was thus on CCI’s with existing strong experiences on eco-social practices, which are affordable/has an audience and low eco/carbon footprint. It covers areas such as i.e. food/beverage/cuisine, heritage/storytelling, design, using new digital opportunities in communication/marketing such as gaming, innovation in travel & accommodation etc.

Participants may include: Sub-regionally anchored CCI’s, growth/social enterprise agencies, sustainable tourism experts etc. with interest in above areas.

The workshops resulted in a work plan for elaborating a project description with contributions from participating stakeholders as a preparation for the next workshop. The description included all basic aspects of project description from aim to financing.


See ppt used at the workshop here:

Report on the workshop: